Repaint peeling 100 year old cedar shake siding OR cedar look vinyl?

7 days ago

Hi! I have a 100 year old house with cedar shake siding. At some point, it was painted and the paint is now peeling off. I don't know how long this paint lasted before beginning to crack and peel.

I am concerned with preserving the look of the house, but I also like the idea of maintenance free vinyl with added insulation.

Here are the pros of repainting the cedar:

-It will cost far less, even if we have to paint it again in 5 years.

-We could potentially have the old cedar replaced some day. the back of the house has an addition with newer cedar siding that is opaque stained and in perfect condition.

-There are some details above the front door that will be hard to replicate in vinyl. I do not want to lose the arch above the door and window.

-Vinyl is vinyl and it looks like vinyl from far away. I feel like it cheapens the house.

-We can repaint the house any color.

Pros of going with cedar looking vinyl:

-We will be adding insulation, as they want to leave the existing siding and go over it with a one inch sheet of foam. (Unless someone knows this is a horrible idea?) With the house being this old, it is likely that the blown in insulation has compacted, though our gas bill is not higher than one would expect for the size of the house, so I don't think we are losing much heat.

-The cost up front is higher, but there is virtually no maintenance and it should last for 30 years, so they say.

-There is the potential that the cedar will not take the primer, even after being power washed and allowed to dry. The paint could start cracking, bubbling and peeling in as soon as one year. There is really no way to know what will happen and there is no warranty.

Has anyone tried to paint old cedar? What were the results? Which route would you pick and why?

Thank you!

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