Marvin Modern vs Essential windows + doors reviews/pricing?

5 months ago


I have an upcoming remodel where I am replacing several windows and installing few new ones and am going for a modern/contemporary look.

The replaced windows will be bigger than the existing window/opening, so they will be roughed out, so essentially, all of these new windows would be 'new' construction from that perspective.

Am looking at Marvin Essentials vs Marvin Modern.

I love both these lines, they are both very modern looking, slim lines, sills etc, both are fiberglass inside and out, however I am trying to figure out why there is such a huge difference in price between the 2 for my setup. Every window is with tempered Low E3 with Argon glass.

Essentials 6w x 8h Picture Window (fixed) = $1700+

Modern 6w x 8h Picture Window (fixed) = $2800+ !

The only DIFFERENCE between the 2 lines is that Modern is high-density fiberglass vs regular fiberglass (Ultrex). That is a massive premium for just higher density fiberglass!

Even the Essentials pricing is up there @1700+. The smaller 3x6 Essentials Casements are $700+. These are just for the windows, install is NOT included.

1) Are these prices good/expected? I will be taking other quotes shortly, but this first quote was a bit higher than I expected even though I went in knowing Marvin's would come in on the higher side.

My only reference was this before I got the quote from Marvin:

The one quote I have so far seems to be above the ranges mentioned on the above 2 sites.

2) The other question I have is for the Essentials, some on this site have said these are comparable to Vinyl windows, but most of these posts were for the older line referred to as Integrity.

Is this true for Essentials as well?

I didn't see any glaring issues with finish when I was in the showroom. Not sure if those comments were just a finish related comment or do the Essentials all-fiberglass line have not as good durability/quality (from a performance/maintenance perspective) as other manufacturer's all-fiberglass lines?

3) Also, has anybody installed/used/have Marvin Modern Multi-Slide sliding door? This is the one I am leaning towards, but it is a relatively new line and am looking for some reviews from installers and homeowners.

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