Color Cast dilemma. Everything is green!

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Slowly working my way through my kitchen decisions. Planning to add two new windows to my kitchen. NE facing, but we’re in a forest of trees so we won’t get much light. But it’s a nice view.

Problem is, everything on that side of the house where we already have windows turns green! Mostly in the summer months (about 5 months) but it’s really, really green. Once we put the windows in the kitchen, the kitchen will turn green too.

Would this bother anyone else?

This is the room that faces that direction. This room is NOT painted green!

And here is my potential cabinet color as I move it around the house. These are all the same color, a light gray almost identical to mindful gray. See how green it gets when it gets Window light from that side of the house?

Would this be a reason you’d hesitate to add windows?

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