Sea Pearl quartzite and walnut stain smear.

last year

I love my Sea Pearl quartzite. Yesterday, I noticed that my husband had accidentally touched his stain brush against the side edge of the counter. He had used the gel stain the previous day.

Panic! I started scrubbing with a green scrubber pad even though I knew I had to use mineral spirits. Thankfully, it was the edge and only about an inch or so of walnut gel stain. (Most of the stain had been wiped off the brush.) All of the stain came off but a tiny, slightly gray section which blends in with the Sea Pearl. It could be the gray I see was already there and is part of the quartzite. Whew!

So is brushed/leathered quartzite worth the cost? Yes! I am guessing the sealer saved it, but I never saw them brush the sealer on the edges. I assumed they did.

My question...does mineral spirits remove the sealer? I have no idea what they used. Should I reseal it? If so, do I need to remove the old sealer before adding new sealer? If mineral spirits removes the sealer that easily, surely I can reseal it myself.

Any suggestions on a non-yellowing sealer? And any instructions on how to put it on. Thanks.

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