Pls help newbie with flower bed plantings

k bask
13 days ago

I'd like to create and plant a new bed that looks like the pic - I live in a same looking place but far away.

I'm new to this so I researched some plants that I thought would go well together and I like:

- hyacinths/spanish bluebells: for early color

- weigela Florida My Monet: like variegated leaves and its compactness

- weigela Florida Variegata: I like the variegated leaves will bring contrast

- white alliums Mont Blanc

- Geranium patricia: like its long blooming season

- Great Masterwort Alba: gorgeous blooms

- Prince of Orange Oriental Poppy

- Chinese Lantern

- Bearded iris germanica Blue - I have a lot of these and need to divide them and will move them to new bed

There's a ton of hostas in the gardens around me so wanting to avoid those.

I'm inexperienced so mocked smth up (poorly) on Gardenplanner with the plants approximately sized, starting from top down:

- hyacinth in front of weigela My Monet

- weigela Variegata

- alliums

- Kansas peonly (in celebration of my mom)

- bearded irises that I am going to dig up from the little bed around the corner from the doorway

- Geranium patricia

- Sarah Bernhardt peony (in remembrance of my Dad)

What do you think of my plant selection?

Which order (foreground/middle/back) to plant them?

- not sure where to plant Great Masterwort Alba, Prince of Orange Oriental Poppy, Chinese Lantern

Any other ideas for plants?

About how long will it take to grow in?

While it grows in, do people plant annuals in the open areas? For instance the peony I bought is 1.5ft wide but it will grow to double the size - what do I do with all the "blank space" while it fills out over the next few years?

Should I be planting annuals to enhance this bed? I don't mind doing so - what plants would you suggest for this.

My objective is a relatively maintenance free perennial garden, in the pink/purple/blue with white accents and a splash of orange for interest. It would be great if some plant or other was in bloom from May to the fall.

Zone 5, and bed will get a solid 7 hours of afternoon sun starting around noon.

Sorry for the tome - any other tips or suggestions much appreciated!



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