Help! Neighbor building with a perfect view of our backyard

Nicole R Dsp
last year

We built our house last year and are going to start tackling landscaping this summer. Sadly my neighbor started to build and has a PERFECT view of our entire backyard. We live on an acre.

My soon to be neighbor is a cool guy and he is happy to work with us and is going to plant some mature trees on his side of the fence to help with privacy. He offered to get together and talk about trees and placement so we can work together to separate our spaces. I am going to suggest he builds a berm so they sit higher. His lot is higher elevation than ours.

On my side:

For our current patio we are going to build a raised irrigated garden bed, plant some tall thick grasses and install a roller privacy shade. This is going to be a “lounge” area, and will create wonderful privacy. We have a glaring view of the house from our indoor dining table and slider, it’s hard to swallow.

We are installing steps soon from the exisiting slab to create a true oversized paver patio for the grill and table. This is the area I’m most bummed about. We can’t build a pergola or anything because we don’t want to limit anymore sun exposure for our living room. It is west facing and super dark for most of the day. My dreams of wandering around to my future hot tub also feel shattered lol.

Along the fence we will be investing in mature trees that fill in with quicker growth rates for our region. But of course that takes time to make any significant impact. We can’t really build a big berm due to water drainage the way this area is sloped.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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