Porcelain Penny tile on bath floor

Sebastian Perez
6 days ago

Hello All! This is my first post so excuse me if Im not following any particular etiquette. Im trying to get feedback on 2 things really. One is using a penny tile I love on my small (5x8') bathroom and two, the overall design concept which uses both a royal blue penny on the floor and extending into shower floor and white subway tiles on one full wall where the vanity goes and in the shower walls and cieling with a herringbone focal point wall in the shower. Attached is the penny for floor, herringbone pattern and tile for shower and wall and the shower door with dark (black/oiled bronze) hardware.

I'd like to know if Im the right track for our modern traditional/transitional overall design throughout our house.

Also like to know if the penny tile can be used safely on the bathroom floor even though the web site where Im buying them only lists in the wall tile category.

I want to be sure our design will be acceptable to most people in the event we want to sell and of course I want to be sure I will love it for years to come if we decide to stay.

Thank you for your consideration!

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