Living room help

13 days ago

Hi All, I need some help with layout for my Living room. I currently have a TV and couch there. I'm planning to add a projector with home theatre since it is a large room. There are large windows facing the backyard on one side and a large opening to enter the living room from eh entrance on the opposite side. There is also a small entrance for access to the family room.

Attached is the floorpan (the 17x13 one) and pics of the (empty) space. Can you please help me with deciding on how I should

  1. Layout the room (I currently have a 3 seater and a 2 seater)
  2. Which would be the projector wall? - The larger one is ideal, but doesn't have the best backyard views and also backs up to the family room. So I'm leaning towards the taller wall (with access to family room)
  3. I'd need some space for my Kid's piano as well.

Please help

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