Request for input on my amateur 3D kitchen model

12 days ago
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Hi - I've been playing around with RoomSketcher and am pretty proud of the design I came up with for my kitchen. Below is a link to a 3D model you can walk through, etc. I've never designed or constructed a kitchen before, so I'm sure there is a lot I'm overlooking. Eventually I'm going to hire a professional to help me out, but am trying to do as much legwork as I can on my own first.

So basically, in my current house, there is a wall bisecting what I have now as the kitchen and family room. We would like a more open layout, but I need to get an architect or engineer in to see if we can remove that wall. On the plans for my house it is marked as a bearing wall, so I'm assuming it's not going to be cheap - however my whole design is counting on the fact that I remove it, so hopefully it's doable!

If anyone has any thought or tips on this layout it would be much appreciated. Particularly the kitchen area - I'm not sure if it's a good idea to have the oven right next to the fridge, etc. I am trying to maximize the counter space as much as possible. Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!


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