Bloom shade of Tropical Lightning climber

12 days ago


I came across Tropical Lightning at a garden center a few days ago and was completely taken with the unusual streaks of color. I took some pictures of the blooms while there; gorgeous deep Burgundy streaks to cream streaks (first pic, natural light obviously). I selected a different pot for the shape of the stalks and lots of unopened buds. Today the first bud opened and I'm disappointed to find just cream and creamsicle orange but no deep tones at all (picture taken tonight in artificial/overhead light). The bud behind it looks like it might also be orange when I look at it in person. The plant does have the right tag on it so I know I didn't get the wrong variety.

My question: Does this indicate that the plant I got will have lighter blooms, or tend toward lighter blooms than the other ones I saw? I haven't planted it yet and I'm within the week exchange period. I'm wondering if I should go back and get a different one! I wasn't planning to grow a climbing rose, but this one was so unique I'm willing to do what it takes to have those amazing colors.


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  • seil zone 6b MI
    12 days ago

    If you want those colors, take it back and get the other one. That's the only way you'll be certain you havve what you want.

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