Help With Covered Porch Flooring!

Noelle Bateman
12 days ago

Hi, my husband and I are redoing our porch as a DIY project. The porch is covered by an awning but still receives some direct sunlight. There was ugly tile before, and we ripped it up to find the wood sheets below completely rotted. We replaced it and no are ready to choose flooring. we don’t want to go backwards to install decking with beams, so we have to find a flooring that can be installed over wood sheeting. We’re not so keen on tile. We found a vinyl plank we really liked but are not sure about the sunlight issue. We live in Southern California and the highest temp is about 102 degrees. Do you think the vinyl planks would be able to withstand this and not warp? If you think we should choose something else what do you recommend? (for the picture- the wood sheeting is level and we will be also getting a railing) Thank you!

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