Temporary patio/walkway: any suggestions?

12 days ago

As part of my whole house remodel, we demo-Ed the cracked/failing concrete patio slab. Now the backyard area closest to the house is dirt (we retained the landscaping nearby and in rest of yard). Any suggestions on material to contain the dirt until I design/install something permanent (this fall?)???. There‘s a breezeway behind the garage (approx 30‘ long by 12’ wide) and the adjoining patio (about 30’ long x 25’ wide). I don’t need every inch covered and can forgo using as a patio. Mostly I’m thinking I need a walkway/boardwalk so I’m not tracking in dirt. I consulted with a company that does concrete and pavers and they do not recommend hauling in their base rock as a temp solution. (Not until I have a design finalized. In general they want to do as a complete project—not piecemeal. Fair enough).

In terms of temp solution—whatever comes in may need to go taken away, so extending my gravel path seems like a bad ideas. Maybe just lay down plywood as a boardwalk or ?

Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks for your help!

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