About Covid death rate

I have some friends who have thought that the Coronavirus was overblown from the beginning, and I see them posting articles that confirm their point of view. (despite over 125,000 deaths in the US) Mostly what they are saying now are things that are fairly true, such as most people don't have extreme symptoms, and that the death rate is probably about 1% of cases, which is lower than what the worst case scenario was. They also seem to think that their immune system is strong enough that if they get it, it will be a mild case, despite most of them being over 60.

What they are overlooking is that Covid is highly contagious, and no one is immune to it. Also because so many people have mild cases you don't know who is contagious. Also, to reach a herd immunity level of 70% in the US (if long term immunity is even possible after having the virus) 231 million people have to contract the virus, and if the death rate is 1% that means 2.3 million people will die.

Looking at the number of FB friends that some of these people have, say 200-400, I want to ask them which 3 of their FB friends do they not mind dying?

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