I must have a wicker chair

4 days ago

I’ve been looking for a wicker (1st choice) or rattan chair that won’t look out of place in my living room. My house is Victorian but my furnishings are a combination of Stickley mission, Crate & Barrel, PB, and some antiques.

This is one of my favorite Houzz rooms. My overall style is similarly eclectic and slightly messy!

I like this room too, with the rattan chair.

I assume the wicker chair in the first pic is vintage but I don’t need it to necessarily be vintage (esp because I want it to be sturdy). I’ve looked all around the internets and at a few antique/consignment shops and haven’t found anything. I’ve been looking on and off since we bought our house. Do you guys have any resources I may not have thought of??

I definitely want a dark brown color like in the first pic. If you look closely, that chair seems to be a chaise, but I’m just looking for a regular chair.

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