Seeking kitchen design opinions: cut-out for french-door refrigerator?

Ray B.
last month

Hi guys! I'm having trouble finding a refrigerator that will fit with full functionality in my small refrigerator nook. The wall to the left of the refrigerator prevents the french-door from opening. I am considering having a recession made in the wall that would allow the door to fully open. See the red outline in the photo below. The cutout would start 3" above and below the refrigerator door, and it would go back far enough to match the depth (from the back wall) of the countertop on the other side.

This indentation would be finished with a top and bottom surface on the punch-in, creating a "shelf" for the door to open up in to. It would start right at the white trim on the door, so the blue wall would end there at the white trim for this receded space.

Seeking design advice here. What do you think? Would this look ridiculous? Or does it seem like a practical "custom fit" solution that a future owner of the home would appreciate in this industrial style home. Thanks so much.

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