how to get vines to climb up concrete columns?

Miami Cuse
3 months ago

I have a front gate with 32"X32" conrete columns on both sides. I planted some English Ivies on the base of both trying to get them to climb up the columns.

I would pull the tips and place them on the wall but a day or two later it's back on the ground, may be the wind or rain? It's been 3 months it is growing but just on the ground.

Are there tricks I can use to secure some tips higher on the wall to encourage it to grow in the up direction?

I know I can put up some trellis or stakes or steel mesh but if they attach to that then how would I remove them later once they are higher up without damaging them?

The one above where one tip is going up I was holding it up with my fingers as I took the picture. It didn't really climb the wall LOL.

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