Landscaping at front porch - need to add curb appeal and hide pipes

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Looking for ideas to improve landscaping at my front porch and create some curb appeal. It's a 3-year old Colorado home (zone 4) with builder-installed front yard. Amazingly, the builder placed the sewer clean out pipes right there in the center of the lawn (and right next to sprinkler head).

I am definitely not attached to the builder-grade plants installed -- but if I can make it work, I'm willing to keep.

How can change the shape of the bed to include the pipes? (prefer that the pipes are out of the lawn and in the bed; and be fairly hidden -- summer or winter)

Does it need more than the current landscape edging (i.e. stone wall) or would that only add busyness?

The yard is small -- if the bed area is enlarged to include the pipes, it seems it the bed becomes larger than the yard. Maybe that's okay -- or not?

Hoping for ideas that are DIY. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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