Practical priorities & photos, cabinets & backsplash composition

29 days ago

Foreword: Please humor me my questions since practicality is my #1 priority, even if i want the potential to use suction cups, or hang towels on cabinet handles (and one of the reasons i prefer cabinet-knobs requiring two screws, aside from the fact that handles don't lasso me the way small knobs do).

Now to my questions:

(1) Q re: cabinets:

Because damp towels might discolor cabinets, which cabinets are the most washable without being glaringly glossy?

... Melamine? And is there such a thing as wood cabinets, but with melamine facades on the doors and drawers?

...BTW, I really want the cheapest option, no matter which it is (melamine, or melamine-facade), but not thermofoil, as that may peel off.

(2) Q re: counter-plus-backsplash:

Which backsplash will suction cups stick to best? Better yet, which is the easiest to install combination of Eased Edge granite, combined with backsplash to which suction-cups stick best?

I'd most wish to see links to photo's of same, complete with suction cups.


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