Could these be possumhaw holly seedlings?

sandy (z5b nys)
4 months ago

Last year a large tree branch covered with small red berries fell into my parents’ yard in CT (zone 6b). My mom said that when she was a child in SC, they would collect branches from the same kind of tree to use as holiday decorations, but she couldn’t recall the name. I took some small branches home to use as winter decoration for planters on the balcony. By the end of winter, the berries, which seemed to fall off every time the wind blew, were everywhere. By late spring, there were little seedlings in virtually every container on the balcony. At first I thought they were from some balsam plants I’d grown over the summer, but as the seedlings matured, it was clear that they weren’t. Then I remembered the berries. I did some research and came up with possumhaw holly, Ilex decidua, as a tentative ID. What are your thoughts? Also, if it is possumhaw holly, is it a good addition to a wooded area or is it problematic? I’d love to be able to plant the seedlings. Thanks!

Here’s a pic of some berry ladened twigs:


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