Where to buy roses in Michigan?

l pinkmountain
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Does anyone have a nursery in Michigan that they like for buying roses? I have had mixed results from my "big box" purchases, mostly poor, but that's all we have around here, and even the nurseries aren't that big on roses. My one mail order was a bust, an Explorer rose that was a nothingburger. I'm in the process of rehabilitating my late mother's rose garden. I need hardy varieties. She has a rugosa that is dying due to a fungus I can't beat, and the Iceberg I bought on sale at Walmart is meh. Long term I at least want to get a Blanc Double de Coubert and something red or yellow or a pink that is not purple pink like the rugosa, or even an orange one like Tropicana. Not climbing. The spot is hot and dry although I water frequently. Blanc is for another spot in the back yard. The one I'm rehabilitating is in the front yard, it is a secret garden behind some landscape shrubs. You can only see it when you are at the front door or looking out the window from the LR or guest bedroom. The rose spots are within a rock mulch area next to the house. I've carved out soil islands for the roses but that's where the "hot and dry" comes from. Cannot change this scenario. There is one apricot rose doing good there, I think it is either a floribunda or hyprid tea, it was a Walmart sale item my Dad bought for my Mom many, many years ago, and the rugosa was fine until the fungus hit. It was partly my fault for not getting aggressive with it from the start. It seems terminal but I don't want to loose this beautiful plant so looking for a replacement. It's a pink rugosa. Here it is during better days. You can see the conditions. The pole in the background is near the apricot rose. I think the fungus is coming from oak leaves that I have been remiss on clearing away. I'm more up on that now that I'm home due to the pandemic.

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