Exterior paint for 1896 Victorian Folk style house in MA - updated

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Hi all - I am creating a new thread because previously I was looking for an exterior color to sell my home quickly. However, after much thought and conversation with some great people here, I decided to show this house some love before sending her off to her new home owners in the next 1-3 years. I'm looking for help with a color scheme that will showcase her beauty and show respect to it's Victorian history, while still fit in with the neighboring homes (link below where I tried to capture a 360 view of the neighborhood). I don't want to go overboard but wouldn't mind being the nicest house on the block. :)

I have painters here now prepping and I've contracted them for 3 colors. I will share the finished product when they are done (about 4 weeks).

Additional photos plus neighboring homes:

This Victorian Home needs your love

Please see the link above to my photo album which will show you the houses directly around me. I would love to hear your advice, tip, history lessons, etc. after you take a look. Thank you all!

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