Scotts S2554 slowly driving me crazy

My late 90s Scotts S2554, nicknamed Agent Orange, is an absolute beast of a tractor, when it chooses to run. A few weeks ago I started having trouble getting it to start. It would crank but no fire, but if I waited about 20 minutes and tried again, it would shoot a bunch of gas out of the muffler and fire right up. But after 5 minutes it floods out and stalls. I've felt like the carb was iffy for awhile, so tonight I put a brand new carb, fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter and spark plugs on it. Started right up on the first crank, idles better than it has in years, and running great. I started mowing the lawn, which is weeks overdue due to the dead mower. It was running beautifully for ~15 minutes and then just shut off. No revving, bogging, just instantly dead. It was as if I stood up off the seat it shut off so quick. Now it won't restart. This tractor was completely torn down a year ago...again...and it has all new fuel lines, in addition to the new parts I put on today. About a year ago I also had to repair the flywheel, as all the magnets had come loose. The only thing I can think of that could be causing my problems is maybe the ignition coils are going bad? Any other opinions?

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