Can a regular jade plant be done as bonsai (so that leaves stay small)

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I got a fukien tea as a gift a few years ago and it didn't last. I have the pot that it came in. From what I've learned while I've had the fukien, these are not the easiest around to grow. I tried my best with it. Since I have the pot, I'm wondering what to do with it - it's rectangular - about 4 inches deep by probably 7 or 8 inches long.

I have a large jade plant and have often seem people grow these whereby they keep the leaves real small. Could that be done in this pot? I have bonsai mix as well but guess I really wouldn't need that. Or would it be best to just get a jade species that is more conducive to bonsai? Thing is, I already have the pot and would like to use it for another bonsai.

However, here's a key issue: The fukien, since it needed water every few days, had to travel to relatives whenever we were away from home for a length of time, so I'm not looking for something that requires that frequent watering. Undoubtedly being moved around at times didn't do the fukien any good.

Any suggestions on trying some jade cuttings and/or something different? I wouldn't want the jade to develop the big leaves that it usually does since this pot is too small for that. Thanks for any ideas!

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