Warning: Pls don't open seed packages from China that you didn't order

KarenS, NYC
6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

Hi All,

I heard this on tonight's Local News in NYC (NBC, 11:00 pm). Folks are receiving sealed, plastic packages of various kinds of seeds they didn't order. Some kind of snafu from China.

The Authorities seem concerned that whatever seeds these are, they might be invasive growers. So again, if you didn't order them, PLEASE don't plant them, not even to experiment or try to see what they are.

Maybe take pix & send the pix to the USDA to document their receipt. Perhaps also send such documentation to the NY Botanic Garden, as well, to report it.

Unfortunately, the News Story didn't say where to report it, so I'm trying to guess botanically, where it would make the most sense to report.

This is not a joke Folks, just so you know.

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