Great room/nook/dining area layout help

Tiffany H
4 days ago
last modified: 4 days ago

Need some advice on what to do with the layout of our great room. Our entryway leads right into the great room with TV/living area to the right when you enter, stairwell and inlet to the left. There is an awkward amount of space behind the sofa (not enough for a formal dining table but still some leftover space) and I don't want anything blocking the flow of traffic when you enter. Floor plan with my planned living area layout & some photos below.

I like the idea of creating a banquette/benched dining layout in the inlet but not sure if there is enough space for that. If I do that, what should I do with the space behind the sofa up to the entry walkway?

Open to other ideas and options too. This is a new build so it's a blank canvas!

Living area and entryway:

Inlet by the stairs:

Floor plan with initial idea for living area. Furniture isn't to scale.

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