Replacing engineered stone and false stucco elevation


We are considering replacing our facade which currently has engineered stones and false stucco with low porosity tiles. The intent is to rejuvenate the facade with a more modern look. We are also considering replacing the front doors with Pirnar doors (https://www.pirnardoors.com). Please see some attached pictures. We would also replace the garage doors with something that complements the tiles and the entrance.

We have the following questions in mind and would appreciate your views and insights:

1) We think we have a transitional home. Would replacing those engineered stones with tiles be a good idea in terms of overall look and feel?

2) If any of you have done this before, please share your experience and the potential pitfalls. We are in the very early planning phase and would appreciate any guidance on what a project of this magnitude cost.

3) We live in northern NJ. If you know of good contractors who does this type of work, it would be great.

Thank you.

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