How to repot a potted dahlia (unknown variety)?

Sara B.
last month

I seem to be good a killing plants, so I thought I would ask first:

I bought a potted dahlia at a large nursery yesterday. All the tag says is it grows 1-7 feet. Currenly 3-4 feet and cramped in a pretty small pot (don't know the size). Instructions show how to plant in the ground, but I'd rather put in a large pot and have one which is about 2 feet X 2 feet? It's larger than the one the dahlia is in now anyways, but I really, really don't want to kill it by putting it in a pot which is too small for its eventual size.

I did have a 12' tree in this pot for years, but it must have been cramped!

Any advice appreciated, and also, what to do about the soil, and should I loosen the root ball or wash it before planting? No idea! I have compost, rotted manure, and purchased potting soil on hand.

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