Crooked pendant lights from Elk Group International & GwG Outlet

Kevin H
3 days ago

I bought three $270 Elk Concrete Pendants from Houzz for a home remodel. When the electrician installed them, we all saw how unbalanced the pendants were! Each one is crooked, to different degrees. This was due to the cord hole not being centered. Nothing could be done to correct his short of adding weight to the lighter side or re-drilling and patching the hole. This was clear to me, two electricians and general contractor who saw them.

When I contacted the three companies involved, Houzz, GwG Outlet and Elk Group International, none of the companies would help me or take responsibility for these defective pendants.

GwG and Elk even had the gall to suggest gravity would balance them out with time, which we know is physically impossible. After a couple weeks of discussion, GwG Outlet told me there was nothing they could do and "sorry for the inconvenience."

I was stuck with a $880 loss and three lights which I promptly threw in the trash where they belong. I have since replaced these pendants with other lights.

This is very disappointing to say the least. These two businesses, GwG and Elk Group International, refused to refund me anything for these or offer any other type of monetary remedy. I'll never order from these companies again and hope that others who see this will think twice about risking their money with these businesses. Terrible products and service.

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  • toxcrusadr
    3 days ago

    They sure look crooked to me, and should have been returnable. Unless they are supposed to be randomly crooked, but if so, that should have been clear in the sales info. Heck, things should be returnable even if you just didn't like them when you got them.

  • Molly D.
    3 days ago

    Did u dispute with your credit card? How about the BBB? I would not have thrown them out. Keep for evidence.

  • Stax
    2 days ago

    "I was stuck with a $880 loss and three lights which I promptly threw in the trash where they belong."

    What a moronic thing to have done. I suspect that you have some agenda that you are not sharing fully with us.

    Of course, gravity may well straighten them out with time.

  • Sharon

    Be sure to post your review to all applicable social media so others are forewarned. I have concrete pendants from Forty West which are beautiful and hang straight.