What color will bring my bathroom together?

2 days ago

Details first: South-facing bathroom that has green influence in the summer due to the trees, and bright, beautiful sun in the winter. Countertop is Cambria Montgomery. Shower tiles are Winter Morning from Tile Shop (blue in pics but more gray in the room). Floor is Caeser Ceramics Run Clay tile. Lighting includes warmer bulbs in fixtures and whiter lighting in overheads. (Fixtures are the daily lighting in summer.) Current paint is SW Aquasphere with Westhighland White trim.

I wasn't entirely sure last year that Aquasphere would work with the shower tiles in our newly remodeled bath, but our KD, contractor, painter, and even a few friends said it would. My instinct was right and I still don't like the look a year later. It matches beautifully with the counter but clashes with the shower tile (which, as I mentioned above, leans more gray than blue).

The bathroom was designed around the shower tile, which was soothing and zen to me, so I want to keep that vibe. I just got back from the Sherwin Williams store, where I brought tile and Cambria samples; both Anew Gray 7030 and Loggia 7506 were suggested. I'm curious what others think of those suggestions and what recommendations you have to bring the elements in the room together.

(The pics are from November, so you're seeing the room with bare trees.)

Thank you!

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