Mobile home master breaker UNDER HOME IN WATER??

Yvonne Thorburn
2 days ago
last modified: 2 days ago

I really need help. Constantly, my entire house has been losing full power, nothing in the bedroom circuit box pops. After searching for a pole with a box, we deceided... to look in the back of the home, 30ft away from the room with the circuit breaker box, and omg. Here is what keeps popping. Its burning hot. Scalding. Water all around it! This has to be a code violation in NY Manufacturers community homes laws. Now we are told it fried parts of of circuit box... which in turn burnt outlets . The parks lease says they are responsible to provide electricity up to the pedestal. What pedistal ? The tiny stick holding a box waiting to kill us? From the pedistal to our home is our responsibility.Advice? One neighbor said maybe its grandfathered in. I own the home, not the property. And now $1200 to move the box, dig, add a pedestal, replace the circuit box and repair seriously 10 or more outlets

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