Need a sanity check or alternative ideas for bath remodel

2 days ago

We're just starting down the bath remodel road, have received a few quotes and would like to get some advice from those who've done this before. Here are the details:

  • Bath size 10 x 10
  • Bath opens via French doors to master bedroom
  • Toilet room 3 x 4 and walk-in closet 7 x 4 at end. Tile and toilet to be replaced, closet retained
  • Here's what we want to upgrade/replace:
  • Replace vanity and sinks
  • Replace mirror with two individual mirrors over sinks
  • Replace lights
  • Replace built in tub with free-standing soaker tub
  • Replace existing shower with upgraded slightly enlarged glass shower (space reclaimed from tub replacement)
  • Replace carpet with high quality wood-look vinyl floor that will extend through master bedroom. Current floor is not level which makes rigid tile difficult.

So far we've received quotes for $32,000, $35,000, and $20,000. The $20,000 does not include cost of fixtures, tub mirrors, lights which we would source ourselves.

My questions are; Are these quotes inline with what others are paying (we're in Atlanta), Has anyone been through the self-sourcing approach--seems like a royal pain to me, Also, a thought we had was If we are sourcing everything, would we do better to just hire a contractor to do the floor and a plumber to install the tub and shower fixtures? We'd need to get someone to do demo on existing bath but think we could do that.

Any thoughts?

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