Need help choosing a color scheme - stone, cedar shake and metal roof

2 days ago


My husband and I are overwhelmed with choices and can't seem to narrow down colors and we need to get past this step.

We are building and have chosen to do stone, cedar shake siding and a metal roof. We are in central Texas, so our first thought was to go with a light color metal roof to reflect solar heat.

We have a fairly restrictive ACC and need to stay with subdued earth tones, so the blue-gray shake I had envisioned is not an option.

As far as stone goes, we like organic shapes and a rustic feel. We like the look of german schmear - we spent several years stationed in Germany and want some of our choices to reflect our love of Germany. We considered doing fachwerk but after some talk with our architect decided to do gables instead to give a fachwerk feel to the house while making long term maintenance of the wood easier and less expensive.

We've got our elevation finished and love the plan. Now it's up to us to choose and we need a jumping off point.

Would love any advice about the best products to research or color ideas to help keep our Texas home cool and help us achieve the overall feel we want.

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