Hillside steps safety and weeds

2 days ago

Hi there. We have these hillside steps that allow us to get to the main road. I've cut back a lot of the overgrown ivy. There are definitely some weeds in the steps though.
The steps have some netting and I guess bark of perhaps just pine needles, and what looks like gravel below that. I'm worried about people slipping during rainy season when things get wet.
Does anyone have suggestions to make it less slippery possibly? And also any ideas for weed prevention?

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  • D M
    Original Author
    2 days ago

    Here are some pics.

  • Christopher C Nc

    As much sunlight as you can get to the area is going to be the best thing to help keep things dry, less mossy and slippery. Wood steps like that can be very hazardous when they stay wet. The ivy and weeds will just have to be mowed and sprayed to keep them at bay.

    Another suggestion to to find some kind of metal or plastic mesh that can be tacked to the wood treads for better traction and less slippage.