Cabinet professionals, help. Milesi 2Kwbpoly on cabinets w/o hardener

Rose Burke
2 days ago

Hi there,

Long story, but our contractor sprayed Milesi 2k water based self sealer WITHOUT the hardener on all our cabinet bases before realizing the error. He thinks it's fine to sand down and start again with the correct mix over the top, but I'm wondering what any other professionals out there think? Is it okay to apply the correct mix over the top? And since it's just the frames, not the doors, will the color be different since some of the 2K has absorbed into the wood? Should we just give up finishing now and paint them? I'm at a loss.


Thanks for your help.

Comments (4)

  • millworkman

    Have you contacted Milesi to see what they recommend?

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    I'm wondering what kind of contractor would ever let a customer know of such an error? I fix my screw-ups immediately before anyone ever sees.

  • live_wire_oak

    It’s fine. Plenty of pros roll and brush the 2K without the hardener in homes. Even without the hardener, it’s still tougher than a CV. The 2K with it can go right over for the second coat.

  • bry911

    Polyurethane is not a penetrating stain. It should be fine if he sands it off and resprays it.