Updating 1990s house with new siding, windows and entryway

Elizabeth Turton
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Help! We recently purchased this 1990s home that badly needs a new exterior. I don't hate the painted brick and the paint is in pretty good shape so I don't want to waste money replacing it. I don't care for the mcmansion style of the front door. Also I feel the peaks are too numerous but I don't think I can change that affordably. We need new siding and new windows so I'm hoping to make the impact there. I'm looking for ideas to change the look of the entryway completely and possibly even add a covered porch. I'm considering a white shingle style siding but am open to two types of siding to add more interest. The windows need to be replaced and I'd like to replace them with black windows and do away with the curved windows. Any suggestions or photos? I'm not exactly sure where to being.

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