I am back!! living room flooring etc

last month

The piano has been moved into the living room. After much (heated) discussion the tv is on a corner stand.

The fireplace is painted white. I was going to build a mantel but I am feeling a tad overwhelmed so am thinking of painting the existing mantel to match the flooring. Haven’t done it yet as you can see.

This first week of August is my staycation and today (Tuesday) is my first real vacation day complete with carpet cleaners and ... well it’s a mess of a day resulting in two shots of vodka in cranberry juice at noon. Mental note... I should eat something.

So... art work. Above the piano right now is night photography from my daughter. Makes me think of drums which is why I want it near the piano. on the floor is my owl drawing, and two others from one artist but are different sizes. I also have picture rails for family photos. No need to hang the photos. Place them on the rail. Easy to change out. Place above piano or above couch?

At the entry... repurposing two deep cabinets from an old entertainment center. One side easy access... and eventually I’ll get rid of the green bin I haul to and from the car.

The other side facing the piano is music and my flute and a few small instruments tucked in back.

The two units serve to camouflage the wires from the tv etc.

Your advice and comments...

  1. do you think the deep entry shelving is ok? I am thinking of it as a temp measure which might last a lot longer than I am willing to think about.
  2. Placement of art and one or two 4’ picture rails. Ideas?
  3. Paint mantel to match floor?
  4. I haven’t yet found cabinet or dresser for behind my reading chair as beside fireplace. . Was thinking of putting one of the art work above that unit when I find one. Hubby does not like my owl drawing. The eyes are always looking at him.

Ok. That’s it for now.

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