digging out grandmas house?

last month

I watched an interesting movie on Prime that is entitled, "306 Hollywood".

It is a film made by a couple of siblings as they came to clean out their grandmothers house.

They took an unusual and entertaining approach to it and decided to treat it like some fantasy and fictional archaeological dig.

It is quite creative, interesting and thought provoking. It is not just a simple story of too much junk. Grandma was not a hoarder. She was just grandma and her house was full of the life of the family as they all passed through.

it is also quite a motivating incentive to not leave this type of stuff for your kids to deal with. For most people, grandmas stuff is not going to spark creative genius.. The stuffed drawers and closets were like a dig.

Then, there are the swings still hanging there that they used to play on as kids. All molded, but still there as a remnant of times past. The kids have moved on but they still are there, a bit like Puff the magic dragon. The little boy and girl moved on and left it behind. Poignant, I think, may be the word.

I highly recommend it any who are interested in this business of ridding our homes of excess junk or have some thought for what they leave to their descendants.

It also is a very human story of a life that was lived and people who were loved by one another.

Highly recommended!

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