Sunrise vs Amerimax vs Anlin Windows

Lee Ding
9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

I live in Denver area and looking to replace all my windows besides the basement.

I have 20 windows and 1 patio door. 2 windows are like 6 ft sliders and one 7.5ft slider. There is another big picture window like 6-7 feet with a half circle on top. 15 of them will be having grids as I live in an okay neighborhood.

Now my bids are:

Anlin Catalina 21.8k

Amerimax 16.5k

Sunrise Vanguard 24.1k

renewal by Anderson 68k but lol nobody would but that.

There is another guy coming to bid on the Sunrise who says he can definitely do better coz he is the exclusive distributor of that line. ( said on website but I don’t know whether it is true or not.

Out current windows are Milgards which lasted 22 years, no major problems but not able to block the cold as it’s not LowE or Argon filled. I can tell 2-3 of them have some restraints when opening or closing. But overall I don’t think a middle grade product would be having a problem in 15 years which is what I expect to live here.

I can afford these windows with no problem but I want to know the Anlin or Sunrise worth the extra 5-8k before I sign the contract.

Any thoughts, comments and recommendations would be appreciated.

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