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Whoops! Used wrong cleaner on vintage furniture. How do I fix it?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi! I just purchased this cool vinyl record stand to use as my tv stand and tried to clean it with some Endust. The next day, I saw what I thought was a smudge so rubbed it better with Endust. That was a mistake! The splotches are everywhere. My mom suggested using some lemon oil and we had Pledge revitalizing oil (with orange oil so we used that). it helped but smudges keep coming back. Now I’m reading you’re not supposed to use oils. Can it be fixed?

This piece isn’t solid wood. Maybe wood veneer on particle board? I just love the shape and look and the finish goes well with my chairs. But now I can’t stop seeing the smudges - looks like faded areas, like maybe to took off the finish?

Please help!

This is what it originally looked like: