Are you happy with Coretec Calypso Oak??

Desiree B
2 months ago

I have agonized for so long on which LVP to install. Frankly I don’t want to look at any more colors and have decided on Coretec Calypso Oak. I’m scarred to pull the trigger on install however. My husband took quite a bit of convincing to agree to doing this flooring project. We have two dogs and 4 kids and a busy life in general. Typically we don’t wear shoes in the house with exception if we have a party or something and we don’t make guests remove their shoes. ... Are you happy with the way your Calypso Oak is wearing? Are you seeing scratches? How long have you had your flooring? And how hard are you and your family on them? ... please someone tell me I won’t regret it!! 😩

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