need advice on closet door location and swing

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I'm remodeling my condo and want to enlarge the master bath. It has only one sink and a linen closet. I want to knock down the linen closet and make that a second sink, then extend out the bathroom. I realize I will be losing a linen closet, that's why I added another cabinet in all options and it is enough. I didn't want to go full height because I want the bathroom to look bigger even though it probably only bump out about 3 ft x 7 ft.

I am also building out a new master closet, as the old closet will be turned into part of the entrance of the master bedroom. I can potentially add a desk in that old closet space where the stub wall is because there is a a/c duct in there, but otherwise will just keep it open space. The new closet will make the masterbedroom smaller, but the current size is huge 14.5 x 21.

In 2A and 8A, the corner of the new closet is pointing at the bed. A corner (sharp object) pointing at the bed is bad feng shui. That's why I came up with the angled closet in the other options.

This is the original configuration of the master bedroom.


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