Master Rain Gardener Class 2020 - Dan & Steph

3 months ago

Bought a house last year and unfortunately the basement flooded. We had a french drain installed in the perimeter of the basement and the sump pump is now temporarily draining to a trench alongside our house. Initially the plan was to connect the sump discharge to the storm sewer, but we are now exploring the possibility of a rain garden instead due to cost. Plus we like the idea of having a rain garden. We are thinking of putting it in our back yard and blending it in with current landscaping, keeping it 2' away from the fence. This is a point where the yard downslopes. Only downside is it is largely shaded. Also, on the other side of the chain link fence in our neighbor's yard there is an old dry well that has failed and this area gets flooded during heavy rains, requiring our neighbors to siphon this water to the street. The rest of the back yard would be challenging since there is a large maple tree and roots would be limiting, and much of the remaining yard would be uphill. The front yard may overflow onto the sidewalk, and especially since we don't know exactly how much water to anticipate with heavy rains, we thought that might not be a great idea. Since it was installed, our sump pump seems to be going off nearly every hour and it has been fairly dry. This especially makes us worried about possible overflow.