Uneven spacing in herringbone tile - What do we do w/ GC?

Karen Wolcott
3 months ago

Hi there! We recently decided to remodel our guest bath and paid for our GC to do everything, down to the studs. They just finished grouting the tile and it looks pretty uneven, with clear gaps where the mosaics meet, the schluder doesn’t lay flat against the drywall, and some tile is pushed into the thin set.

We told our GC about our concerns and he said “I’m not trying to scam you, well remove individual tiles to fix it but your walls are uneven because we didn’t reframe the walls.”

It seems like these issues aren’t reparable unless they rip it all out, but I’m no expert, so I wanted your more seasoned opinions about this. We’ve paid him about 50% so far. What should we do?

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