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It can be fun to breed your own zinnias - Part 55

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this ongoing series of message threads. The previous part of this continuing series, It can be fun to breed your own zinnias - Part 54 has exceeded 100 messages, which could make that thread slow to load, even though photos now appear in the Houzz messages as only inline large thumbnails, so we are continuing the series here for yet another fresh start. The same guidelines apply here. Anything remotely related to zinnias is fine. (Or plant breeding in general, or feral cats or precocious cats or locusts or pet snails or chupacabras or book comments or whatever.)

I am continuing to cross-pollinate and self-pollinate various "breeder zinnias" in my zinnia garden, with the goal of getting more new forms of zinnias. I noticed this current breeder zinnia bloom resembles a Valentine Heart.

I actually don't mind it if a breeder zinnia bloom is not perfectly symmetrical. In the past most zinnia blooms have been circular in shape. However, a lot of ornamental flower blooms are not circular or symmetrical. Iris blooms, gladiolas blooms, and snapdragons look fine even if they aren't symmetrical. So I definitely won't cull a zinnia bloom if it isn't perfectly symmetrical. That heart-shaped zinnia is safe from being culled.

As always, I look forward to your participation here if you are new to this series of message threads, or to your continued participation if you have been here before. Your comments, questions, and photos are welcome. More later.


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