Entryway is on the side of the hallway

Ellie Logan
last month

Help! So we're slowly redecorating our condo and I'm tackling the entryway/hallway. It's awkward because the entrance is in the middle of the hall. The front door opens up and you face the bathroom and on either side of the bathroom there is a coat closet and a linen closet. We like the idea of putting in some sort of a console table but not sure if the hallway is too tight for that. Top priority is having a spot to put keys/phone/purse when we walk in and some interesting artwork. Ideally we'd like to keep a project under $500 as I'm not working right now. The rug that's pictured stays, we just got that (shoutout to the Turkish rug dealers on Etsy!)

Our style is a bold, eclectic (Peek part of our newly green kitchen cabinets in the photo!). The condo is a 1 bedroom + office/1 bathroom. Bedroom and office are at the end of the hall with the other side opening up to kitchen/dining/living area. Would love some suggestions on what to do with this hallway entrance!

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