need advice on plants, jade plant and dracaena maginata

2 months ago

bought them from Evergreen Gene's a few days ago, i'm kinda new to keeping plants, he gave me a discount on both which i thought was weird. as i was researching online how to care for said plants i am now thinking my jade plant might possibly have a little bit of root rot and my dracaena might at least need to be re-potted despite the guy saying he just re-potted it. but i don't want to start uprooting them/etc if this isn't the case. the dracaena has roots all the way to the top and when i pull it up all the soil comes with it. the jade plant has small black spots, and some of the leaves are black and shriveled with a weird crystallized look to them, when i touched those they fell off, i removed all of them. my plant is still pretty green so i don't think its bad off but i don't want to wait until its a problem. wish i would have thought to take pictures before i did all that, i also took off some leaves that werent looking too good.

Also a lot of conflicting info on the internet on how to actually properly care for these plants. i'm hoping to just get a straight answer from someone who has experience.

i barely moved the dirt and saw all these roots, that's not normal right? the pot itself even looks in rough shape i had thought.

i appreciate everyone for their time and input in advance! =)

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