The Gardens at Belvoir Castle (roses)

last month

"Pronounced beaver" gardens

There are several spectacular pictures of the gardens and if you look, really closely, you'll see roses.

The deep pink roses stand out really well, but the whites and light pinks just get lost.

Whites don't have to get lost, but some do, apparently.

Which brings up my love for R. bracteata (not for Texas, it's an invasive weed in cattle fields there). I have two bracteatas that are fairly well behaved: one in a heavy red acidic clay and the other in a river deposited much better loan (where the voles and moles feasted on Knockouts). (I'd guess that bracteatas in the next bed outgrew the voraceous appetites of the little four footed rose destroyers.) Anyway, bracteatas bloom all season long and the vibrant white blooms are clearly visible from over a tenth of a mile away.

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