Best way to save Monarda, Heliopsis and Echinacea

last month

The right side of my main garden bed has devolved into a total mess. There was a large birch shading the area but since it died a couple of years ago the Monarda ran rampant beofre I had to chnce to keep it in bounds. But the main issue is I had planted an Alma Poschke aster way on the other side of the bed. After a few years I decided I didn't like it and yanked it. Unfortunately it seeded everywhere on the right side and is choking out everything else.

I've decided to yank everything and start from scratch. This will also allow me to get all the weeds that have also taken hold in there. However, I would like to replant the Monarda, Heliopsis and Echinacea once the bed is prepped. How should I save the current plants? Cut them down to a few inches and pot them up? Can I use my soil or should I get a good quality potting mix for now?

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