Painting Steel Windows

Brandon Basso
8 days ago


I'm thinking of taking the plunge on in-place restoring my 1930s steel casement windows. I've explored all the options of replacement, pulling off and restoring, and think in-place restoration is this is the only possible solution that isn't more expensive than just replacing the house :)

I've had but a painter and glazer tell me that after stripping and priming, painting with black paint isn't the best idea because it will absorb more heat than light colors and crack/peel over time. I'm trying to understand if this is true, and if so, why is it that this black window craze is so popular? Is it that these are newer windows that are bare metal or anodized black (no paint)? I assume people wouldn't paint their windows black if black painted steel windows peeled or cracked after only 5 years. Are there certain paints people know of that are likely to work better if heated? I live in the SF Bay area so it's not super hot, but the windows definitely see some sun.


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