Builder making more progress with other homes than mine who was first

This is my husband and I's second new build but noticing similar things with our new builder.

Our home (referring then and now with home building) always seems to get delayed for some reason when we usually put our contract in first before other buyers. Yet it is those buyers' homes that are making more progress than ours. I take lots of photos and noticed when the framing of our current (2nd home) was done another home that barely had footers in is suddenly exceeding our completion by at least a month. We knew there were going to be delays but I see homes that are specs that seem to get more attention while us with contract in hand are getting leftovers when it comes to getting our home constructed.

Can a builder finish an employee's home before yours when your home purchase agreement was put in before said employee? (We have inkling that this is happening so wonder if any of you have experienced this too)

With this being said, I still very much like our builder; just have some reservations. We are looking at 8 months from purchase agreement to close at this rate. Our last home took 7/8(but we were building in snow to be fair).

Thanks in advance!

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